What is a Certificate of Authenticity and what does it do?

The “COA” as it is called is a guarantee issued originally by the producer of the item(s) purchased who state that the item in which they are selling has been personally hand signed by the mentioned person(s) of the advertised piece. This meaning that the signatures on each piece are not prints, scans or have been mechanically reproduced. Though the “COA” is nice to have anyone today can print off a COA, Such a document is no better than the reputation of the issuing agent. With or without a certificate of authenticity, just remember that the company selling you the item is 100% responsible for delivering to you an authentic piece if that is how they represented it. Deal with a reputable company and you will have no worry. If you ever discover that any product you purchased was misrepresented, you have legal recourse for a full refund of items purchased.

Officially Licensed & Authenticated Memorabilia, Certificate of Authenticity:

Our Rugby League, Rugby Union, Cricket, Soccer, Motorsport and Horse Racing products are authenticated by A-TAG AUTHENTICATED. A-TAG are Australia’s premier authenticators and only licensed memorabilia for which they have witnessed the signing. You can register your product with A-TAG AUTHENTICATED as this matches your product with a unique code stored in A-TAG AUTHENTICATED’S database. This will help you recover your product should it be lost or stolen. You can learn about A-TAG AUTHENTICATED by visiting their website here – a-tag.com

All of our AFL products are authenticated by the AFL Players’ Association. The AFLPA attend every signing session and only authenticate product that are approved by the AFL. For more infomration, you can visit their website here – aflpa.com.au

Our Custom Made Horse Racing Memorabilia
As this range is done on a smaller scale and very limited runs All signatures on our items are obtained by us in person.
Every piece that we sell will be accompanied with its very own Certificate of Authenticity and is produced by our sister company “Champions of the Turf” Specializing in the design and production of Australian Horse Racing Memorabilia
We have been in the horse racing industry for many years and work closely with a lot of Jockeys / Stables and Trainers within the industry.

Marketing Image Clause
To protect the intellectual property of the governing sporting bodies who license and authorise our memorabilia range along with the valued clients that invest in our memorabilia range we need to advise that all images are for marketing and advertising purposes only. What is displayed online does have some minor imperfections in these images & the signatures shown online are only computer generated.

This is done to prevent all licensed & copyrighted images and most importantly the authentic signatures of the individual sports personalities being scanned and copied by the “cyber cowboy” then printed and sold as preprints, copies, auto pens, facsimiles at markets & other online outlets.

The Officially licensed and authentic product you will have delivered to you once purchased will be of the same layout & design as shown on our website, however, all imperfections removed and no two signatures will be in the exact same position as displayed online as these are personally hand signed which changed the position on each piece.

All investments will accompany an official certificate of authenticity (COA) individually numbered both on the piece and on the accompanying COA, officially licensed and endorsed by the advertised governing sporting body.

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